Company profile

Juli Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd was once known as Yongheng stationery Ltd. The company was based in ShiShanSongXia Industrial park and Saigon Vietnam. After 20 years of development , Juli mainly produce themal transfer paper, stone grain paper, vacuumed bag, transfer film, special glue for paper membrane and more auxiliary products. Juli have more than 20 production lines, including 9 presswork production lines, 300 presswork models, thousands of designs; also Juli can design one just for your product. Juli develop new product, design and import new production line just to help their customer's product become one of the most up to date and fashionable out in the market. Quality is Juli's first priority, and Juli will serve until the met your requirement. Wood grain paper was recognized by SGS. Juli invested huge amount of money and effort to keed the quality of their product at its best. Juli will be your best partner to be one of the successful company, so choose wise Juli.